Why Us

Our Customer Satisfaction Score:


The Industry Average:

Our Customer Promise

We work to make our services available where our customers are. Insurance should be possible anytime and anywhere.


Insurance doesn't have to be difficult and time consuming. Clear products, plain language, fair prices and simple processes save time and money.


The best insurance decisions are informed decisions. We acknowledge that customers want relevant, up-to-date information at their fingertips. They need to understand their choices, and the implications, both today and for the future.


Life is about moving forward. We will keep looking for new ways to make things better. With new ideas, new solutions, new ways to make things easier for our customers. In that way, we all stay a step ahead.
We Measure Our Customer's Satisfaction
We recently polled our customers to see how happy they are with us and we received an above average industry Customer Satisfaction Score. We believe this is because of our customer promise, which includes:
Prompt customer's queries response
Educate customers on their insurance needs
Insurance schemes that cater to customer's budget
Dedicated customer service with continuous improvement
  • Serena, Customer,

    30 years old

    I appreciate that you help me source around and give me pricing from various insurers and are thorough in explaining the difference in benefits so that I can make a fully informed decision about my insurance needs.

  • Manu. A, Customer,

    42 years old

    I’m greatly appreciative of the prompt service at which you respond to my queries and concerns, and think of you as a friend not just an agent.

  • Rick D, Customer,

    33 years old

    It is so nice to know someone is always close by to help. By the way, I did recommend my brother and he now is one of your clients.